Voice of Employee Dashboard Howto

In this step-by-step tutorial posted initially at MeaningCloud, I am showing to you how to create a nifty dashboard with Excel for the Voice of the Employee.
Voice of the Employee gathers the needs, wishes, hopes, and preferences of all employees within an organization. The VoE takes into account both explicit needs, such as salaries, career, health, and retirement, as well as tacit needs such as job satisfaction and the respect of co-workers and supervisors. This post follows the line of Voice of the Customer in Excel: creating a dashboard. We are creating another dashboard, this time for the Voice of the Employee.
Text-based data sources are a key factor for any organization that wants to understand the “whys”.
Things can often go wrong in organizations. It is important to catch those potentially damaging problems before they turn into a major crisis.
VoE programs typically use a variety of methods to collect and analyze employee feedback, including surveys such as eNPS or 360º assessments, exit interviews, employee forums, social networks or focus groups.